Crescent has been a leader of innovative Halal packaged food and meats, serving Muslim communities across Canada spanning for almost three decades.


We take pride in being able to provide the Muslim community with great tasting, nutritious and innovative food products without compromising on quality. All Crescent products are made right here in Canada.


We offer over 30 products spanning from quality packaged fresh chicken, ready to cook meat products, deli and much more for both the retail and food service sector.


We understand the changing needs and demands of the North American Muslim Family. That’s why innovation has always been a key focus for us. We’re passionate about food. We constantly strive to revitalize product categories and create new ones. Eliminating MSG, offering gluten free options and fresh Organic chicken are only some of the ways we are doing our best to try and help you and your family live healthier.


Quality food. 100% Hand–Slaughtered. Guaranteed.