Unbreaded Chicken Burgers

A great alternative to our beef burgers. Our chicken burgers are flavourful, moist and pact with flavour. A great low fat alternative without compromising on flavour.

beef patty/patties

Chicken Patties

A golden pastry shell filled with deliciously seasoned ground chicken. Perfect as a snack or on the go!

Spicy Chicken Patties

We’ve turned up the heat in our delicious chicken patties.  Satisfying every taste bud!

beef patty/patties

Charcoal Chicken Kabobs

We improved our chicken kabobs just the way you like.  Its fully cooked and spiced to perfection.

Chicken Pizza

This pizza has an Authentic Indian taste. Topped with tender tandoori chicken strips, diced green and red peppers , onions and mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Wieners

Kids love the great taste of our Chicken Wieners. Our wieners contain no MSG or by-products so you can feel good about what you serve to your family.

Chicken Bologna

Made with 100% chicken meat. We use a classic blend of spices to make our Chicken Bologna your family’s choice at lunchtime.
Contains no MSG or artificial colours or flavours.